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The food culture of Argentina is very unique. While everyone remembers our specialties parrillada and dulce de leche, there are even more foods, such as empanadas to discover.  


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Our goal is to keep you tuned into the food scene so that you will always have a desire to taste  Argentinian Empanadas. 

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Baked Empanadas

Empanadas are our specialty and focus. Our empanadas are handmade using exquisite ingredients and baked in the Argentinian tradition using our family recipes.  

We've added our own little flair by creating our Sabor Argentino's Italian sausage empanada.

We sell them frozen in packages of half dozen and ready to cook.

Our Classic Empanadas:

  • Sausage Empanadas
  • Ground Beef Empanadas
  • Mild Ground Beef Empanadas
  • Chicken Empanadas
  • Fugazzetta Empanadas -mozzarella
  • Vegetarian Empanadas

Our  Dipping Sauce :

Traditional Argentinian "Chimichurri"

Our Dessert Empanadas:  (fruits are seasonal)

  • Apples
  • Nectarines  
  • Peaches
  • Cherries

We deliver for your PARTIES or SPECIAL occasions. Ask for delivery: Phone:  # 832 605 4592 

We hope that our family traditions will soon become a tradition for you and your friends and family.  

Upcoming Farmers Market Events

Permanent Markets:

Tomball FM - 3rd,4th,5th,  Saturday of the month from 9am -1pm


21st and 28th:  Tomball  FM  from 9-1pm

28th: Wunderlich FM 9-1pm 


19th and 26th  Tomball FM 9-1pm

26th: Wunderlich FM  9-1pm

No upcoming events.

Contact Us and make your order

Frozen Empanadas for oven. Ready to bake. Half dozen package $15 meat and Fuggazzeta empanadas and Fruit and Veggies empanadas $12. We can deliver your order (minimum 2 dozens). Please contact us if you have any question # 832 605 4592. We have special prices for your party, for restaurants and special venues/catering.

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Make your orders by phone:

SABOR ARGENTINO USA - Argentinian Homemade Empanadas

Orders: (832) 605-4592 / 832 725 8169